A FUNtastic FEST to grow up!

A festival for all the children

2—3 July
Domeniile Palatelor Brâncovenești Mogoșoaia

Hi there! We’re Kids Fest – aka the COOLest festival for children!

Behind Kids Fest there’s an entire team of people in love with the most spectacular festivals and events, that prepared 10 activity areas full of energy, fun and wonderness. Kids Fest will be biannual – that means we’ll get together each summer and winter and discover a FUNtastic world of adventure, COOL & AWESOME activities for kids and SOME ME TIME for adults.

See you there?

The ONLY place to be for all generations! Check in @ the only festival where children bring their parents to have a blast!

2—3 July
Domeniile Palatelor Brâncovenești Mogoșoaia

Wanna come out and play?

Imagine this: a festival where your kids have the coolest and most creative experiences in the nature, while you – the parents – have your own options for a „good old time with your friends”.

Done & done! On 2nd & 3rd July we plug in the good old times with family and friends in the middle of the nature, at the COOLest fest.

At Kids Fest, you’ll find a whole bunch of FUN & SMART experiences for COOL children and some RELAXATION & ME TIME for parents. Bonding time in nature, rich and awesome experiences for all and so many memories to last a lifetime!

See you there?

The Kids Fest World of FUN

One festival – so many opportunities for excitement and new experiences!

We give to you …. *drumrolls*…. new ways of old-school fun: an entire universe of games, playing and activities from different areas (or, really, eras), where kids can discover new ways of funning and new hobbies.

What if sports addicts could discover their own artistic talents in a painting workshop? How about those who can’t let their books down discover a new world of adrenalin on a skateboard? Or what if little tech gurus put their gadgets away and get their hands dirty at the pottery workshop? …and the list can go on. With so many great things to do, why not try something new?

  1. Active kids: basket court, skate park, climbing wall, pump track
  2. Creative kids: pottery, painting workshops
  3. Edutainment: bookstore, theater, recycling
  4. Toddlers: carousel, air matress, ball pool
  5. Innovative kids: gaming
  1. Family time: family contests and activities
  2. Relax time: tents & active relaxation for children
  3. Food court
  4. Grown ups zone – soft DJ moments & beverages
  5. Market & More: shopping spree

& more coming soon

Perfect for children between 2 and 14 years old – ideal for family time!

**Over 90% of the activities are included in the ticket price. And for the rest of 10%, don’t worry – first round is on us!

PS: we are big fans of competitions and we are planning some show off moments for the biggest sports addicts.

More details coming soon!

Kids Fest

2—3 July

3 things you need to do on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2022:

  1. Get your Kids Fest tickets (That is, if you didn’t get them by now)
  2. Gather the gang and come at Mogoșoaia – Domeniile Palatelor Brâncovenești
  3. Get your Kids Fest Passport and check in at as many activities as possible

PS: each child receives a Kids Fest Passport – a special passport where kids can check in to each activity they visit and receive a special surprise when they leave the festival.